YAHAIDS is a non profit, non -govermental, voluntary organization of youths to help eradicate HIV/AIDS,drug abuse, poverty and other social evil threatening the future of our society and our country.

This Organization Launches a mass enlightenment programme directed towards our youths and their parents.This prevention programme against HIV/AIDS and Infectious diseases also includes massmass media - television, radio, print advertising (Handbills, Views,Stickers, posters and school materials) for supportive Community projects.

Other strategies will include symposia, seminars, Conferences, workshops etc, the purpose is to encourage youths to choose and develop healthy lifestyles, which preclude the abuse of
alcohol and other drugs.

The Organization do from time to time review their objectives and activities in order to break the vicious circle of hope and despair afflunence and poverty, stablity and choas, which charaterized the past and present century of our human Life.


YAHAIDS is committed to preventing to the barest minimum the high spread of HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases among the youths in our society and the globe with our global crews.

In YAHAIDS,we have a leading vision for a pleading mission - to ensure that our youths cultivate healthy lifestyles that preclude abusive, use of drugs, indulgence in illicit sex and such habits that exposes them to poverty and other social vices.

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YAHAIDS spends time developing useful informations about HIV/AIDS awareness,causes and possible preventive measures.
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